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Introduction--About Me

This post was my first post and is quite old. I updated it over the years, but now update the About Me page, linked at the top of the page.

Revised March of 2009

I am creating this blog in order to share my experiences with Babywise (BW). I do so to help people who are doing Babywise. I am not interested in debates, but I am happy to answer questions to the best of my ability. I think it is the best method for my family, but I am not a member of your family so I don't know what is best for yours.

My name is Valerie Plowman. I have a BS in English with an Emphasis on Technical Writing. My wonderful husband, Nate, and I have been married for five years. I have three beautiful children, Brayden who is almost four, Kaitlyn who is almost two, and McKenna who is a few days old. I am privileged to stay home and raise my children-I could not ask for a more rewarding career.

I started following On Becoming Babywise with Brayden when he was 9 weeks old. I had heard about it from a friend while I was pregnant, but never got around to getting the book until Brayden proved to be hard to get to sleep. I am forever grateful that he was as hard as he was. If not, I may not have turned to Babywise. Brayden soon became a model Babywise baby, and we have continued on in the series with Babywise II, Toddlerwise, and are just starting to implement Preschoolwise. Brayden is a polite, happy, and obedient three year old. Sure, we have our moments, but overall the toddler years have been nothing short of joyous. Brayden knows how to control himself and any behavioral problems we encounter are the result of some slacking in my parenting and are quickly and easily resolved after some minor reflection on my part.

With the wonderful results I saw in Brayden, I knew Babywise would be something I would apply to all of my children. I started Babywise with Kaitlyn at birth, including teaching her to self-soothe at one week. She had it down from the beginning. She has been such an easy baby, and while I know a lot of it is her disposition, I also am sure a lot has to do with the principles of Babywise. She has been an equally easy toddler up to this point. I have also started with McKenna at birth and have had nothing but good so far.

I love BW and know it is hard to find helpful BW info and help online, so I hope this blog can help anyone and everyone who needs it. Please post comments/questions! If you have a question that you don't see the answer to, please ask. I will do my best to answer. See Using This Blog for more on that.

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IsaacT1978 said...

Hi Valerie. My name is Kathee and I've been reading your blog for some time now. I just wanted to say thank you for the time and effort you put into communicating BW concepts and applications to total strangers, like me. Your experience has been invaluable to me.

We adopted our first child about seven months ago, when he was six months old. In the online community I'm involved with of other adoptive parents, it seems that no one teaches self-soothing or independent play or allows CIO. When we first had our son home, we implemented BW very slowly and we have been so happy with the results thus far. He is strongly attached to us and eats, sleeps, obeys and plays well.

All that to say, again, thank you for writing this blog. My husband and I have felt lonely in the adoption community because of our BW decisions and it has been wonderful to read your posts and get advice at times, find new ideas at times, or simply be reassured at times. God bless you and your family!

Plowmanators said...

IsaacT1978 (Kathee),

Thanks for your thanks! I can definitely see why adoptive parents would find BW principles difficult. If you have been waiting a long time for a baby, it can be hard to structure sleep. But, in the end, it is what is best for your child. It provides healthy sleep. So good for you for putting his needs before your own!

Trang said...

Hi Valerie,

I am Trang from Vietnam. I have been reading your blog for 4 months (when my son was 02 months old) and I found it very informative and useful. I learn a lot from all of your entries, and I would like to say thank you a lot for your sharing.

Wish you and your family all the best!

Plowmanators said...

Thanks Trang! I appreciate the thanks!

Sabrina said...

I just stumbled upon your website this afternoon and am SOOOO thankful for it! I am about to sit down with a pen and paper and take notes on your suggestions and experiences with BW! My little girl is almost 1 month old and has been an excellent sleeper up until a few days ago. We are now turning to BW for some help! Thank you so much for all your hard work on this site!!! Looking forward to becoming a regular follower and sharing my successes!

Plowmanators said...

You are welcome Sabrina! Nice to "meet" you :)