Monday, October 11, 2010

Vote on the Poll!

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You have a little over 24 hours to vote on our current poll. The question is: 


 Votes are pretty much deadlocked right now. 

I will be reminding you about polls from now on (so long as I remember :) ) because my friend, Serra, says she wants to vote but never thinks of it until the poll is closed and she is reading the results on her Google Reader. So here is your reminder! 


Kelly Ford said...

I dont know if it makes any difference to you, but i voted yes... but i'd like to clarify that i'll be getting the regular flu vaccine for my daughter, but am not comfortable with the H1N1. i'd be interested to see if it makes a difference to anyone else in how they vote...

The Spanns said...

I personally believe much of the vaccine drama is just 'hype' - my doctor also agreed - because, after all, flu is flu is flu. However, my friends' sister was in rotation at Primary Children's Hospital during last flu season and saw some very alarming results from the H1N1 strain in children. Here is a short article:
This is mostly what is making me think twice about what I will decide for my children. Just thought I'd share.

PG said...

Wow...things are deadlocked for sure. It's an interesting topic. And sometimes much heated. :) It's so nice to be able to research, hear testimonies, and look into it for yourself before making a decision. I personally don't think it's a moral decision as many moms make it out to be.

serra said...

thanks for the reminder, I voted!

LaChelle said...

I am a RN & I have worked in the hospital for almost 7 yrs now. I nor my 17month old son, will be getting the flu shot. The CDC chooses which "strains/types" of flu they think will be most common in that particular year & make a vaccine accordingly. The vaccine does not vaccinate against ALL types of flu strains, therefore you are still susceptible to all the other strains of flu virus out there. Many people get sick from getting the flu vaccine b/c although it's a dead virus injected, your body still recognizes it as foreign, just like any other vaccine. The best prevention is wash, wash, wash your hands...before, during & after you eat. If you touch a menu at the restaurant go wash your hands before you touch your appetizer, etc. Sounds OCD maybe, but my family stays healthy 99.99% of the time....i get a runny nose once every few years & I work w/sick ppl! The swine flu....again just wash your hands. If your child attends daycare & is old enough, stress to them the importance of handwashing...if not, please ask the class leader/sitter to use clorox wipes as often as possible on toys, surfaces, handles, etc. Cell phones, wallets, purses & keys are very big vehicles for bacteria & viruses to travel on. Keep those hands washed & you should be good! Just my opinion, but its an educated one. :-)


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