Thursday, March 14, 2013

Putting Baby First during the First Year

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It’s Babywise Blog Network (BFBN) Week again! All week, we’ll be featuring blog posts from other Babywise-friendly blogs. The schedule is as follows:

Today's post is from Emily over at The Journey of Parenthood. Emily's post is on her policy for how things run in her home when she has a baby. Emily says,

While the first year is wonderful and filled with many sweet moments, lovely memories, and precious times it is also a tough time. Learning about your baby. Learning who they are, their personality, their likes and dislikes, their temperament, etc. There is a lot of guess and check and a lot of unknowns. Worries. Concerns. 
It is also a year of sacrifices.

I find this to be so true, also. Especially about the sacrifice part. A baby requires sacrifice for every member of the family. I think we can often feel guilty about that, but as my husband pointed out to me when I was pregnant with Brinley, it isn't a bad thing for children to learn to sacrifice (see Pregnancy and the Guilt). Emily lists some ideas for how to make it work for all members of the family. 

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Jessica Foster said...

I'm pregnant with my first baby! I'm very nervous about all these "unknowns" lol. I have no idea what to expect or how hard it will be. Thank you for the post!

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