Friday, April 19, 2013

Company Review: Mamas & Papas

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I’d like to introduce you to Mamas & Papas, Great Britain’s favorite baby brand that has recently made its way into the hearts and homes of American parents as well. Mamas & Papas is excited to introduce its 2013 line to U.S. families this spring, which includes light-weight strollers, durable floor seats, convenient high chairs and countless other products to make parents’ lives easier.

Mamas & Papas products give parents across the nation the type of baby products they need as each item in the line is easy-to-use and long lasting, from its Baby Snug floor seat to its Juice highchair. Here is info about their company:

30 years ago two people decided to change their world. With the arrival of a new family, David and Luisa decided that the best out there wasn't good enough for their babies and an idea was born - Mamas & Papas 
Part of raising a family means instilling principles and values and David & Luisa treated Mamas & Papas just like their children. They know how important it is to give children the best start in life and they have held onto that thought throughout everything they do. 

As Mamas & Papas has grown, so has their family.Their daughters, Amanda & Olivia, have gone on to have families of their own and they are now shaping the future of the business based on their own experiences as parents. Great product comes from unique experiences and there's nothing more unique than parenthood. Because of that, every product of ours has a story to tell. What better testing and training ground is there other than real life. It is this that makes our brand so unique. 

So you could say that our products are designed by parents for parents.The family continues to expand as we open new stores in new markets across the world, reflecting the core values of the brand that makes Mamas & Papas so special. 

Mamas & Papas sent me the Baby Snug (pictured above). It is extremely sturdy. My husband commented that it is so much better than a different brand of a similar item...It grows with the child, which is great. It is really wide so it is sturdy. It is very high quality.

You can purchase these items from their website, as well as from Babies R Us and Toys R Us. See website for more locations.

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