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Swimways Pool Toys Review

Swimways recently sent me a couple of free pool toys to review. They arrived on the perfect day--swimming lessons day. You might remember that McKenna suddenly decided she was terrified of the water. We spent a couple of months of her not having lessons at all and about a month ago she started back up. She will go to her teacher, but she is not doing the things for her she was four months ago.

On the day these toys arrived, McKenna decided she didn't want to swim with her teacher. We told her she could only play with the new toys if she swam for her teacher (bribery, yes, but we were okay with it). Well, she didn't swim with her teacher. She refused. So no pool toys. My husband spent some time with her getting her vamped up for it, and she went to her teacher, and she then enjoyed playing with the toys. I was so glad we had these toys as motivation for her to face her fear and swim with her teacher!

All three kids had a lot of fun with these toys. It has me looking over their other toys to see what else would be fun for us (I am sure Brayden would love an item that shoots water...). 

The toys we tried were:


Flip Boat

Both great fun! Of the two, I would say the Pooligans is the bigger hit. I might even get another one of those (in a different character).

Pool toys are a great thing for your kids to have while they play around in the water. It helps them relax and just have fun instead of focusing on being scared.


melkaywin said...

It's been a while since my husband and I did the Growing Kids God's Way classes, but I remember Mr. Ezzo making a distinction between bribes which corrupt and rewards/incentives which motivate a child to achieve something or learn a new skill. It sounds to me like your arrangement with McKenna safely fell into the latter group. I think it was a -wise move. (Pun intended!) :)

Valerie Plowman said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the reassurance :)

Cassidy Pearce said...

How fun! The Pooligans look really fun for an avid stuffed animal lover. I just bought a fun little pool toy from for my youngest called a Pool Baby Bopper Seat and Float and he absolutely loves it. Plus it has shade to keep the sun off.