Friday, February 14, 2014

Fun and Function: Toys for Children with Special Needs

Fun and Function is a company that was started as a reaction to parents who couldn't find kid-friendly sensory tools for their children. They sell everything from weighted compression vests to toys. The items they sell are helpful especially for children with any sort of sensory processing disorder. All of their products have a purpose in mind.

Even if your children do not have sensory processing disorder or another special, you can find toys of value with Fun and Function. Fun and Function sent us a scooter to try out. It has been a lot of fun! We have wood floors and the children have had fun riding this around the house. It is nice to have something extra to do during long cold months of winter.

If you do have a child with special needs, you will find this website very helpful. They aim to have products that help the child, are fun and comfortable, and are affordable. Go check it out!

This is a sponsored post. Opinions are my own.

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Dusti said...

Wow this is great! My son has SPD and I have been looking for toys that he will enjoy. This website is wonderful,


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