Wednesday, December 10, 2014

BFBN Week: Pumping, Storing, and Using Breast Milk

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It is BFBN week again! We are talking about feeding children. This week, you will hear from:

Today's post is by Emily from Emily is talking about pumping, storing, and using breastmilk. Emily is a mom who stays home with her children, yet often travels. When she travels, her babies get pumped breastmilk. Emily has excellent tips for moms who primarily breastfeed a baby and yet want some stash saved up for whatever reason. I think us moms who aren't regular bottle feeders don't know much about how to pump, store, and use breastmilk and end up finding ourselves unable to leave our babies for more than a couple of hours for the duration of our breastfeeding experience. Emily's post is super helpful in solving that. Be sure to check it out!

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Mel Brandle said...

I'm just glad that my wife is done with her days of breastfeeding. Storage of breast milk is no joke! All that pressure to feed their new baby is very stressful for a mum to think!


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