Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Babywise Makes Life Smoother

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Babywise was recommended by the doctor. 

Babywise Makes Life Smoother

Babywise was suggested to us by our pediatrician at our son's first doctor's appointment.  I read the book and implemented some of it but realized after rereading it I had misunderstood some of the ideas.  I reread it again before the birth of my daughter.  She was the easiest baby ever to get on a schedule.  She was also a very high maintenance baby but having her on a schedule allowed me to quickly figure out the problem (she was a major homebody).  Thanks to Babywise I had the courage to put my babies and toddlers on a pretty strict schedule.  This schedule made it easy to leave my kids with babysitters and be pretty sure things would go smoothly.

by Krysten T, mother to a son (4.5) and daughter (2)

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