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How to Teach Your Children Self Control by Emily Parker

Teaching a child self-control is not easy. It is easy to expect self-control in others, but I only have to think about chocolate to realize how hard self-control can really be. It is a skill, it does have to be learned. It isn't something you can just say, "Have self-control" and expect it to be so.

How to Teach Your Children Self Control

Emily says:
Self-control is a crucial skill. It is not something we are born with the ability to do. We have to work at it and it takes a conscious effort, even as an adult. Self-control is actually something I'm personally striving to do better with in my own life. Having the self-control to say "no" to that snack I'm craving. The self-control to put down the phone and stop scrolling. The self-control to set aside the time each day to study God's Word. So many of our personal goals relate back to the ability to have self-control in a given situation. Why not train our children from an early age to have this important personal skill? 
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