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Babywise Tips and Tricks: Keep a Log

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I wanted to throw out an idea for something to make life a little easier for you and your subsequent children. I would keep some sort of log of what your child was doing at what age. How they were sleeping, how they were crying, how they were eating, etc. Then when you have your next children (and assuming you still do BW), you will have reference to it in actual ages, not just "I think she started a 3.5 hour schedule around 3.5 months..."

Right now you might think you will remember, but you won't know specifics. Be brutally honest, track your feelings, and hopefully you will be able to help yourself in the future.

This is my main reason for creating this blog. I want to be able to keep track of my thoughts and feelings on topics at the time, not in retrospect. We seem to always remember things better than they were.

There are benefits for your current baby, too. You can look for patterns when you are troubleshooting napping problems or eating problems, etc.

11/2013 update: You can buy my logs (pictured above) through this link:

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