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Poll Results: What time do you start baby's day? (Waketime)


6:30 AM: 8 votes (12%)
7:00 AM: 23 votes (37%)
7:30 AM: 15 votes (24%)
8:00 AM: 12 votes (19%)
8:30 AM: 2 votes (3%)
9:00 AM: 2 votes (3%)

Total of 62 votes


Potter's House Choir said...

My baby is 4 weeks old tomorrow and would sleep through feedings if I let her. It is really hard to wake her up most of the time. I have to use water to get her ready for feeding. Then she falls alseep after eating on one breast for 10 minutes. When done feeding it is hard to get her to go down for a nap. She usually stays awake until about 45 minutes before her next feeding and then the cycle repeats. Until later in the evening, when she seems to fall alseep in schedule and does great during the night eating and sleeping. Not sure what to do. Her start time is 7 am and late night feeding is 10 pm. She would sleep through her 10 am and 4 pm feedings if allowed. Please help.

Plowmanators said...

I have posts on keeping a newborn awake during feedings. See the index for newborns. It sounds like she is power napping during feedings so she isn't tired enough for naps when it is nap time. Work like crazy to get her to stay awake and naps will be smoother. Good luck!