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Poll Results: What was/is baby's approximate optimal waketime length for ages 0-4 Weeks? (waketime length includes feeding time)


15-20 minutes: 10 votes (7%)
20-30 minutes: 13 votes (10%)
30-40 minutes: 27 votes (20%)
40-50 minutes: 46 votes (35%)
50-60 minutes: 24 votes (18%)
60 minutes or more: 9 votes (6%)

Total of 129 votes


julia_chg said...

Hello! I've been looking at the poll results and my problem is, that I just can't get the baby awake after feedings to have some waketime several times during the day. My son Samuel is 3 weeks old. Today I tried to have some waketime with him after 10 a.m feeding and after 12.30 feeding but he just continued sleeping... At night he cried from 4.30 till 6.30 - probably because of the gas. May be this affects his waketime? What should I do?

julia_chg said...

I actually found good answers in your blog about waketime. But we still have this night problem - he just doesn't fall asleep after the night feedings and he needs to burp for very many times. He can be awake until the next feeding during the night. And cry all of that time. Me and my husband are so tired because of the lack of sleep... We tried holding him upright - so that the air could come out and then put him back to bed - he may be calm for some minutes and then cry again.
I hope you can help us somehow..

Plowmanators said...

Julie, if he is in physical pain, try gas drops and/or gripe water. There are posts on both of those things.

If it is a sleeping issue ratheer than a pain issue, try leaving the light on bright in the middle of the night until he falls asleep. Some newborns are more comfortable opening their eyes in the dark so they stay awake at night instead of day. He might be over that by now, though.