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What was/is baby's approximate optimal waketime length for ages 6-8 Weeks? (waketime length includes feeding time)?


30-40 minutes: 8 votes (10%)
40-50 minutes: 17 votes (22%)
50-60 minutes: 28 votes (35%)
60- 70 minutes: 17 votes (22%)
70-80 minutes: 5 votes (6%)
80 minutes or more: 4 votes (5%)

Total of 79* votes

*I don't know if anyone else had major difficulty voting this week, but I did. It never would let me vote, so I added my vote in.


Amanda said...

I'm a little confused. It seems like there could be an "optimal" waketime that is very different than what actually is occurring. What is recommended? It looks like 60 minutes is the average, but is that the "right" amount of time we should be aiming for? thank you!

Plowmanators said...


I am glad you asked this. I will do a post on it for tomorrow.