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Children's Learning Activities

I am happy to announce a new blog: Children's Learning Activities! I am having so much fun with all of the new learning activities I am doing with my children. I came to realize that there was so much information about it, it really warranted its own blog. I have years worth of posts for this blog in my head without adding an entire blog's worth of information to it :). Hence, the new blog.

There are currently three authors of the new blog. There is me. You know me. Another author is Raegan. Many of you are familiar with Raegan from her Chronic 45 Minute Naps posts on this blog. The other author is Amanda, or Manda. Any of you who read comments on this blog will be familiar with her. She is always posting great comments, especially on the learning activities posts.

This new blog is a place for you to go to find fun activities for your children. We have compiled lists of links to find activities, coloring pages, etc. We have art, gradeschool, literacy, math, Montessori, preschool, and science right now. This blog is sure to grow as the Chronicles blog has.

We will add posts of ideas we have done with our own children that have proven to be very fun and beneficial. Among the three of us, we currently have a 5 month old, 7 month old, 14 month old, 2 year old, almost 2.5 year old, and 4.25 year old.

Check it out! Hopefully you will find it helpful for you! The addy is:



Kristy Shreve Powers said...


Redheads said...

Great! I am so excited! I am plan to homeschool in the future with my now 7 month old daughter. I can't wait to use this new resource.

JenningsFamily said...

wonderful!!! i am so excited about this because I really struggle in knowing how to teach my 13 month old skills and things and lack creative ideas - already read two fantastic ones on the new blog - yay!
silly question - somehow many moons ago I signed up for the Chronicles blog so i get email notifications for new posts. How do I do this for the new blog? So sorry, i cant remember and cant work out how!

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Thank you for all your effort and generous sharing!

Plowmanators said...

You are welcome everyone!

Jennings, I just got this set up a couple of days ago. It took me a while to figure out how to do it, since many moons ago I set it up on this blog :) But you can now go there and enter your email to sign up. It is on the right side of the page.