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Bob Books

One day, a blog reader enthusiastically commented about her use of Bob Books. She had read about them on a preschooling blog I recommended, and she had great success with them.

Well, I had never noticed the discussion of Bob books on the blog, but this reader had me sold! I ordered the first set immediately. Brayden and I love them!

Bob Books are designed to help children learn to read. They are sold in sets. Each set has books that are slowly graduated. They introduce reading sounds progressively. They are simple and consistent.

Each book has a picture dictionary at the beginning that introduces the new sound(s) in that book. There are only five sight words in set one.

Brayden is now reading on his own. It is something he was attempting before we got the Bob Books, but he is really good at it now. I intend to purchase all of the sets in the Bob Books series.

I thought I would pass along the info!

or a link to all Bob Books on Amazon.


Kyle, Amanda, and Tobias said...

I'm glad they're working so well! I plan to use them with Tobias when he gets to that stage too as a part of our homeschooling curriculum. They've come highly recommended by several homeschooling moms and the kids I nanny for read them at their school as part of the kindergarten curriculum.

Plowmanators said...

They are awesome. I think it is funny because the story line will intrigue Brayden. He will say "what is in the box" or "what happens?" I tell him he needs to keep reading! :)