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Jennifer Alva said...

Hi there!
My daughter is just turning 7 weeks old. I am a strict BW adopter and my first child slept 8 hrs at 6 weeks. My second (now) has been more challenging. Her dream feed is at 11 pm and always at 2:15 ish she stirs and sometimes wakes up and sometimes I can use a pacifier to calm her down until she wakes up about 3:50 am. She seems stuck on these times and won't progress. Would you suggest I let her CIO? Or move her dream feed to 12? I am also wondering if I should do away with the pacifier if that is just causing this to be worse. Also she was born at 38 weeks gestation exactly. Thanks!

Valerie Plowman said...

Dreamfeed shouldn't be later than you have it--moving it later means it is a night feeding.

The pacifier can cause issues. It is hard to know for sure--go with your gut here.

I wouldn't do CIO yet. She is still young and in the range for it being normal to be waking as she is. Give her more time. Some kids sleep though at later ages.

Jennifer Alva said...

Thanks for your input. Before I got this I ended up switching the late evening feeding to midnight (I read in the book that this was an option if they seemed to get stuck). It has indeed worked so far and she wakes around 5:30 and stirs but a pacifier can put her back to sleep till 7 or so. The book says once you get an 8 hr cycle with her then pull back dream feed in 15-30 min increments back to 11