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Poll Results: When your toddler got settled into one nap a day, how long was the nap?


Around 1 hour: 10 votes (3%)
Around 1.5 hours: 44 votes (14%)
Around 2 hours: 88 votes (29%)
Around 2.5 hours: 74 votes (24%)
Around 3 hours: 80 votes (26%)
3.5 hours or more: 7 votes (2%)


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1 comment

Kelly said...

I'd be curious to know what time that nap started (or how much waketime prior to the nap), when they first went down to one nap. We've been transitioning for over a month and I was surprised at how early she needed to go down to take a good nap. She's now napping at 12:15 (4.5 hours waketime) for 2.5 hours and is in bed by 7:15.