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Jenna said...

Hi! My son, Gabriel, will be 6 weeks tomorrow and I am just starting BW now... I had been loosely following the schedule outlined in "My First 300 Babies" but was seeing that it didn't allow enough time for my little guy to get sleep ( I was trying to keep him awake for 1.5 hours at a time, not including nursing) and it also has you nurse right before the big nap and bedtime which always made Gabe fall asleep at the breast. There are similar principles in there to BW, like Mom decides when baby eats and sleeps, not baby, etc but I am drawn to the flexibility within baby wise (length of wake times and naps)... anyways, just wondering if implementing all these naps is going to throw Gabriel's nights off since he's used to just 2 naps during the day (one long one and one short one). Today was day 1 and he slept great during his daytime naps, but cried the entire time that I put him down at 5:30 until his 7pm feeding. Will all this sleeping make him sleep less at night? He still wakes one time in the middle of the night (I dreamfeed at 10:30). Just wondering what you think :) Thank you!!

Plowmanators said...

Jenna, sleep begets sleep (there is a post on that, you should read that :) ).

So no, I don't think it will interfere with his night sleep.

Was he having a witching hour issue at the end of the day? That is pretty common (see blog label "witching hour" for more on that).