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Blog Button

I am excited to now have a blog button! My friend Amanda directed me to some instructions; thanks Manda! I feel so official now.

If you want to, you can copy and paste the code for it and add it to your blog. If you have blogger, you just
  1. Go to layout > Add Gadget
  2. Then you click on HTML/Java Script
  3. Then copy and paste the code in!
When people click on the button, it will take them to this blog. So there you have it if you want it.



serra said...

Val - you are officially an official blog now that you have your own button. congrats!!

Jan said...

adding your button to my blog...

Anonymous said...

Yay!! You've been added!

Emily said...

Yay I added you too!!! very exciting :)

Plowmanators said...

Thanks everyone! I am excited about it :)