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Poll Results: What was baby's independent playtime length for ages 4-5 months old?


none: 11 votes (4%)
5-10 minutes once a day: 11 votes (4%)
5-10 minutes twice a day: 44 votes (17%)
10-20 minutes once a day: 40 votes (16%)
10-20 minutes twice a day: 112 votes (44%)
30-40 minutes: 38 votes (15%)

Total of 256 votes

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1 comment

Kristy Shreve Powers said...

I answered 30-40 minutes, but at this age my LO was doing 30 minutes twice a day. By the way, he got fussier about it at about 6 months old and still is fussier, but we do it anyway. I believe it's because he's mobile now and knows what he would rather be doing. I close the bedroom door most of the way with him in the pack 'n play and let him play for 30 minutes. Closing the door that much so that he can't see me walking around helps A LOT. So do new or new-to-him toys.