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Hey All! I just added a "navigating" section to Using This Blog. Check it out. I think it is awesome. I think it will help people find their way when they first find the blog.


Jennifer said...

Nice!! That looks great!

Brave China Doll said...

Hi there! I have thoroughly searched your site for the answer to this question, but can't find it. If you have a moment and can answer, I would really appreciate it!

I have a two bedroom apartment, a 15 month old and a baby due in September. they will be about 23 months apart.

How do I implement Babywise with the new baby if they are sleeping in the same room? I.E. CIO, baby waking toddler, etc.

Thank you SO much!

The Lotts said...

I'm very excited about the coming eczema post. I am right in the middle of figuring out my child's eczema and finally found a cream that seems to do something. Everything else I tried did absolutely nothing (including prescription) but just found out about California Baby and my child's skin looks A TON better after only 5 days of using it. Can't wait to hear more tips and suggestions. Thanks.

Avary said...

With our first child, we were living in an apartment, in hopes of moving before he was born. when he was born, we were still living in the apartment (2 bedroom, with one of the bedrooms storing all of our boxes).

We put the pack and play in the dining/living room area, and moved our table around a little.

Just a few thoughts that may/may not help, depending on your setup...

Until the baby is sleeping through the night,
Do you possibly have a large closet (walk in) that you could put the pack and play in?
Could you possibly put the pack and play in the living room during the night, and let the baby sleep in the shared room during the day?

Lauren said...

@Becca - I am expecting our second baby any day now, and have the same concerns. Our kids won't share a bedroom, but their bedrooms do share a wall, and I know if one is crying, the other will hear. Our toddler sleeps well most nights, but has an occasional bad night with teething or sickness. I'm obviously more worried about the infant waking the toddler. I really, really think I have read Valerie addressing this set-up in a post somewhere, but have been unable to find it again despite lots of searching. I even think it was a CIO post where she said she doesn't let her babies CIO for middle of the night wakings, but I may have imagined that. I would LOVE to find it again, if anyone can point me in the right direction. Sorry to further derail the comments for this post... :)

Plowmanators said...

Brave China Doll,

I haven't ever had kids share a room. From what I have gathered from other moms, kids share rooms in the night really well. It is a good idea to stagger bedtime. And some wait to move baby into the room until there is just one night waking.

You can put a humidifier or noise machine in the room to help drown each others noises out.

As for naps, they will need to be in different rooms. One can sleep in your room and one in the bedroom. 99% of moms say naps don't work in the same room. Good luck!

Plowmanators said...

Avary, good idea. A good friend of mine (and BW mom) had her son sleep in her walk in closet for a long time.

When Brayden was a baby, we were in a studio-type set up and he slept in the bathroom :)

Plowmanators said...


Brayden and Kaitlyn shared a wall in our old house. McKenna shares a wall with Brayden and a wall with Kaitlyn, but this house is just built well because it is a non-issue.

So for the sharing walls, at night, you won't have to worry. The first night that Kaitlyn cried, Brayden woke up crying, too. I told him it was fine and she was hungry. He learned to sleep through it. The nights he had a bad dream or got sick, she never woke up--at least not to our knowledge.

I suggest you get white noise for each room just to help out.