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Just so you know, you can follow me on Twitter. I have had the account for a while, but haven't really done much (7 tweets in over a year or so?). I recently decided I would tweet quotes I like on motherhood. Some will make you laugh. Others cry. Others will have you nodding your head in agreement. I just want to give you something to brighten your day :) Follow this link to follow me:


Amanda said...

hi! i've emailed before but it's been awhile. :) my little one is now 12 weeks. i am having a hard time determining whether she is ready to move to a 4 hour schedule. right now she's 7, 10,
1, 4, 7, and 9:30 (it's not technically a "dreamfeed" as i follow BW exclusively, so i guess it's the "late evening feeding".) anyway, during the day she's not taking full bottles (i weaned this week) and sometimes seems like she is ready to go longer between feedings. sometimes she seems disinterested if i feed her every 3 hours. she has been STTN since 6 weeks but consistently 10 pm to 7am for 3 weeks now. do we drop the 9:30 pm first, or do we go to a 4 hour schedule first? i'm so confused!! i'm sure you've addressed this on your blog but i can't find it!! thanks, amanda

Plowmanators said...


According to BW, you would drop the dreamfeed first. According to Babywhisperer, you would go to a 4 hour schedule first.

To get more info on this, see "dropping the dreamfeed" and "When to move to a four hour schedule."

In general, I like dropping the dreamfeed first. However, with McKenna, I went to a four hour schedule first.

Read those posts, think it over, and decide what you think is best for your little girl. I think either way is fine, just go with what you think is best.