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Page Links!

I am excited. I am super, super excited. Really.

There is a new feature on blogger that allows me to have constant links to certain pages on my blog. I have put these buttons under the title bar/banner. Wahoo!

I don't know if this excites anyone else, but it does me. I think this will make the blog easier to navigate--especially for the new visitor. I know when I come across a new blog with lots of info, I feel overwhelmed.

I have several pages in mind to link at the top of the page. Let me know if you have an ideas and I will take them under advisement. I currently have:
  • Home
  • Blog Index
  • Using This Blog
  • About Me
  • Follow
I am planning on adding:
  • About Blog
  • About Babywise
  • Getting Started Guide
One thing to note is that I will be moving the Blog Index Link from the top right to under the banner. It is there now, but I wanted to give you a couple of days to get used to the idea before I delete the one on the right.


Evelynn's Mom said...

I always go through the Blog Index to get to the Newborn Summary. That is the section that I most often refer my friends to as maybe you could have a link just to the week by week summaries?? Just an idea!

hopeful said...

hee hee hee. valerie, i like how the little things make you happy! you're right, it does make navigating a lot easier--especially for newcomers. i used to have to explain to my friends how to get around here, but now its super easy!

Linds said...

well neat! Too bad I just finished writing my own code for these on my own blog... would have been a lot easier to just do it this way :) That's about my luck these days!

Kristy Shreve Powers said...

I think Evelynn's Mom's suggestion is a good one. I also spent a lot of time scrolling down to the label "newborn summaries" or "baby summaries."

Jennifer said...

I think a "Babywise Basics" link would be helpful--all those basic posts you've written: CIO bootcamp, 45 minute intruder, Eat/wake/sleep, optimal wake time, and starting late. I guess a lot of those would be under the getting started link too...maybe it's the same idea. As long as people can find those classic posts easily. This is a fun new addition!

Summer said...

yes, i would love a link to the 'week by week' posts. i have no clue how to find the ones you have already written, and would love to see what you were doing with any/ all of your kids at my daughters current age! thanks so much for the blog, i DONT know how you have time but you obviously enjoy it and i appreciate you val!

Plowmanators said...

Thanks everyone for the ideas!

okay, something I am planning on doing is grouping posts by age (after I get the blog index all finished up). So I would have a newborns section and a baby section and a toddler section...

Plowmanators said...

lol hopeful. That is true. Little things to get me excited!

Plowmanators said...

Oh Linds. That is too bad. I always hate finding out my time was essentially wasted. Hopefully you learned something from doing it that will make something easier on you in the future :)

Plowmanators said...


to see past summaries, see the blog label "newborn summary" and "baby summary". Each of those labels will list every one of those posts.