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Poll Results: If your baby/child had dry scalp/eczema/etc., what shampoo worked best?


Aveeno: 68 votes (25%)
Aquaphor: 26 votes (10%)
Burt's Bees: 15 votes (6%)
California Baby: 24 votes (9%)
Coconut Oil: 6 votes (2%)
Dermamed: 1 votes (0%)
Gentle Naturals: 7 votes (3%)
Head & Shoulders: 30 votes (11%)
Olive Oil: 23 votes (8%)
Other Oil: 17 votes (6%)
Other: 51 votes (19%)
Cerave: 4 votes (1%)

Total of 272 votes

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Jenny Bell said...

We loved Boudreaux's Butt Bath. It worked best for my LO.

Becky said...

I didn't see the poll when it was on....but I use Dermamed :)

Kina said...

I didn't see the poll either but when my baby had dry scalp I used my usual shampoo (Johnson & Johnson's) and applied jojoba oil afterward. I massaged it gently into her scalp and never had a problem after that. I did it maybe two or three times.

mmreeves said...

little docs

Plowmanators said...

Thanks ladies! I added your votes!