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A Few Announcements

I wanted to point out a couple of things:

1- Three Column Format
Over the weekend, I made a three column format for the blog! I am really liking it because I can organize the stuff on the sides a bit better this way.

2-New Twitter Buttons
I also made some new Twitter buttons. I was trying to use some pre-made buttons through a widget on blogger and it just was not working well. So I made some that match the blog. There is one for following me. I post quotes (some from me, most from others) that apply to motherhood. There is also one for following Babywise. The Babywise page links posts from this blog as well as

3-Fan Page On Facebook
You can now become a "fan" of this blog on Facebook. This is on the right side of the blog above the Twitter buttons and below the "Follow Through Facebook" box.

1 comment

Laura said...

I really like the favorite toys section on the side. It looks great & it's fun!!