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Time Change Reminder

For those of you who live somewhere that practices Daylight Savings Time, the time change is coming up. In the United States, this will be March 14. Move clocks one hour forward.

While this is the time change I liked least as a teenager, I like it most as a mother. It is much easier to adjust your children ahead than behind.

See the time change blog label for all previous time change posts.

We aren't doing anything to prep. I will just adjust schedules once the time change happens.


Anonymous said...

I am unable to click on the Time Change link on the list of topics on the right side of the screen (it's actually not a link like the others). When I click on the link posted in yesterday's post it doesn't take me anywhere. Is anyone else having this problem?

Jessica said...

Praise God! I am ready to get back to our 7:00 a.m. wake time again. Woohoo!

Plowmanators said...

Chrissi, are you scrolling down when you click? Here is the actual URL: