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Help Me Out: Gift Ideas For Brayden

Brayden will be five next month! For the first time in his life, he is full of ideas of things he wants, but I wanted to ask you readers if you had good ideas for five year old boys. I have gotten good ideas from y'all for my girls in recent months, so I wanted to check in for this. Thanks!


Larissa Smith said...

My 5 yo nephew just spent a week with us, and here is what seemed to interest him.

Barrel of Monkeys game
Box of simple play animals
bag full of plastic balls (like in a ball pit)
Mr Potato Head
Hullabaloo (actual game)
Alphabet puzzle
Bristle blocks

Jennifer said...

Not sure if you let your kids play with pretend guns, but we just gave my nephew a water gun for his birthday and he loved it.

Angela said...

Does he have a Tag Reader? I got one for my four-year-old son last month for his birthday, and he really loves it. He has 4-5 books that go along with it.

Anika Lacerte said...

My nephews really like the Robert Munsch CDs, stories read by the author. Books on CD may be a good idea if you spend a lot of time in a vehicle.

Penny said...

DS' favourite toys at 5:
- Matchbox cars & trucks - especially car-carrying trucks
- books on CD - we started this last Christmas when DS was 5.5 and he loves to listen to them at rest time, early mornings, IP, etc. The local library is a great source of new CDs
- marble run/marble tower
- LEGO Creator 3-in-1 vehicle sets (like this one ). DH makes the vehicle(s), DS plays with them :-)
- trampoline, sandbox & sand toys, swing/slide set are used every day
- 2-wheel scooter
- bike
- Filo lacing set like this ( ). we bought this for DD but DS has stronger fingers and more interest in it than she.

Hope Brayden has a great birthday!

Carrie said...

We have three boys, so we are expert toy buyers! :-) Here's what's popular at our house:

Thomas the Train (Get the wooden tracks. They are practically indestructible)
Lincoln Logs
A Leapster by Leapfrog (I found a brand new one really cheap on ebay for my oldest.)

Jess said...

My 5 yr old son routinely plays with/looks at the following things:

~ Action figure men and any vehicles that they can fit in.
~ Cars, planes, helicopters (all sizes) to race or play with.
~ Bike
~ 100 piece puzzles or big floor puzzles
~ Magformers. These are great. Even his 3 yr old sister loves them (I have to admit that I like them too) :). They are magnetic building shapes. The kids can use their imagination to build things or follow the instruction book to make specific things.
~ Any kind of “I Spy” type of book.
~ Animal Magazine Subscription for kids. My son will look at these magazines over and over again (car rides, quiet time, whenever). It’s a fun gift because he gets “mail” once a month and everyone loves mail! We have gotten him Nature Friend, Ranger Rick, and National Geographic Kids.

Good luck with your gift hunt! :)

Plowmanators said...

Thanks for the ideas everyone!

Larissa, I have seen that hullabaloo game and wondered if it was fun or not. Thanks!

Jennifer, a water gun is a good idea for the start of summer, thanks!

Angela, no, no tag reader. I will look ino that. That is leapfrog right? I have always liked anything we got from leapfrog.

Anika & Penny, yes! Thank you. I love books on CD. We have a couple, but I would like to get more. I always like to get a book for each birthday, so I will do that for this birthday.

Penny, we have one of those LEGO sets and he loves that, too.

Thanks Carrie! We also have the Thomas wood tracks; love those.

Jess, I have never heard of magformers. I wonder if they are like geomags? I will look into it. Thanks!