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Poll Results: How old was your child when you first enrolled him/her in a team sport?

1-2 years old: 4 votes (4%)
2-3 years old: 11 votes (12%)
3-4 years old: 29 votes (32%)
4-5 years old: 24 votes (26%)
5-6 years old: 12 votes (13%)
6-7 years old: 6 votes (6%)
7-8 years old: 1 votes (1%)
8 or older: 3 votes (3%)

Total of 90 votes

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Heidi said...

Oh, do I ever AGREE!! I respect my childrens need for sleep so much and try to encourage it and set them up for success in this area to my best ability. My first was a great text-book sleeper. My 2nd, not so much. He's never napped consistently well (no matter when he's laid down it seems)
and where he used to sleep well at night, he's now resorted to waking early! I can tell he's deprived, and I am VERY consistent with his nap/bedtimes so it's frustrating to see him so crabby when I work so hard to enable him to get the rest I know he needs.

Plowmanators said...

Heidi, hang in there! Keep working at it and hopefully some day he will be able to catch up to his needs.