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Babywise Groups Online

There are so manydifferent groups out there you can join to meet up with fellow Babywise moms. Some examples are the Chronicles Google Group, the Babywise group on Facebook, and the Babywise group on Babycenter.

I know there are a lot more groups out there. If you are a member of a group you like, link it up here! Then other moms looking for a Babywise community can come to this post and find a group to join.

You can also leave a comment with info about each group and the interface it uses. Say what you like about it, don't like about it, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: The Chronicles Yahoo! Group has since moved to Google:


Carrie said...

There's a great babywise group on cafemom.

Melissa said...

Thanks for posting this. When I starting looking I found all these websites just absolutely bashing babywise. Don't get how people hate it so much that never did it? Make us babywise moms sound like cruel, abusive moms. :) Love your blog and read it all the time. Thanks again for all the tips!

Jenna said...

i LOVE the Chronicles of a Babywise Mom yahoo group. The moms on there (I believe there are a few dads, too?) are so very helpful and you are bound to find someone who either has been in your shoes and can offer advice or is in your shoes now and at least offers the comfort of knowing you aren't alone! Everyone is very encouraging and you end up feeling like there is hope for your sometimes seemingly hopeless situation! :)

Plowmanators said...

Thanks Carrie, You are welcome Melissa, and Jenna, I am glad you like that group :) It is a great group.