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Great news! I don't know if you have noticed or not, but is now! You may not have noticed because the internet is doing it all for your. Your shortcuts and everything will still work as they did and will just forward you on.

The one thing I don't have figured out is getting it so if you type it rather than it takes you to I followed the instructions and have ot wonder if the IP addresses google gives are outdated or something (because the instructions certainly are).If anyone knows, please inform me!

So for now, you can type in or to get here.


Cindy said...

Hi Valerie, it seems to be working fine? I just tried the and and both took me to the blog (with in the address bar). Is that how you wanted it? I've forwarded domains to a blog before so I might be able to help if not.

Rachel Stella said...

Hmmm, I just tried and it didn't work for me. I'll ask James how to do when he has a free moment since I know he knows how. Sorry if I end up having a baby before I get back to you though...that's right, no baby yet!

Plowmanators said...

Cindy, yes I want it to come even if you type in with the "www". It worked for you? It isn't working for me and not Rachel. I wonder why it would work for some and not others?

I followed the google instructions (they run blogspot). I set my AName (is that what it is called?) to point that way. I don't know if their IP addresses in their instructions are old or what. My .com is through godaddy.

Cindy said...

That is very strange; I am doing it now and I get the blog main page.
I use godaddy as well - what you do is 'domain forwarding' in godaddy. Login and click on the domain name; look for domain forwarding. You can then set it to foward to the - it should show up transparent to readers as they can get their either way.

On my website, I own the .com and .biz - so takes you to the same place as and looks the same, etc. the only thing I did was in go daddy domain forwarding.
Let me know what happens, I have few tecchy friends to ask.