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Best Toys for Baby: 0-12 Month Update

This post is to update previous posts on best toys for baby. I have written individual posts for babies grouped in 3 month increments as well as a general review of baby toys we have. This post updates those posts.

I have listed some things from this company before. I am so happy with them, I think that it is wise to look through what they have to offer any time you are buying a toy. Many of their toys are award winners. They are great quality and well thought out. 

Last Christmas was tricky to find things for McKenna. She was only two weeks older than Kaitlyn was her first Christmas, and also our third child. So as far as toys for a baby went, we were pretty well set. I did a lot of searching and found Sophie. I have mentioned it before on a baby summary blog. On Amazon, it has  4.5 (out of 5) star rating with 762 reviews. That right there is enough to tell you this is something great. It is also the number one baby product sold on This is easy to hold and easy to squeak. The material is soft, 100% natural, and BPA free. I would without hesitation say this is the best teether I  have ever come in contact with, and would also go so far as to say this is a must have. Of course not literally because my other two grew up fine without it, but if you are going to get something for your baby, get this! McKenna still loves this as an 18 month old. 

 A friend of mine introduced me to this series of books and I love them. They are great touch and feel books. There is a long line to suit your child's interest: monkey, train, truck, dolly, mermaid, dinosaur, kitten, princess, dragon, plane, many to choose from! We have puppy and dolly and really like them both. 

This book was recommended by a reader and I absolutely love it. It is such a cute book. I highly recommend it.

I love puzzles from Melissa & Doug. I thought this peg puzzle would be fun for McKenna since it makes the noises of the animal when you put it in the right spot.

This is another great puzzle for little hands. They have lots of styles, including pets, shapes, more shapes, fish bowl, vehicles, and safari.

There you have my new additions for the baby range! To see previous recommendations, see these posts:

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Erin @ Two Story Cottage said...

Thank you! I just ordered the giraffe for my almost 7 month old. He is teething and loves to clutch anything so this should be perfect! :)