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Vote on the Poll!

Today is your last day to vote on the poll!

Moms (new or veteran) often wonder if the dreamfeed is worth the effort. The current poll is asking how the dreamfeed worked for you. Come vote!


serra said...

val- this is the current poll: At What Age Did Your Child Consistently Move to Rest Time?

Is the other poll already over? It is still Tuesday right?? :)

Plowmanators said...

Yes, it ended around 4. Maybe I will have to post reminders on Monday. When the post is up tomorrow, you can comment with your vote and I will update the results.

Ashlee said...

I think a day before reminder is a good idea too. I read in the morning & didn't see this until it was over.

Plowmanators said...

Come on ladies. You need to camp out on the blog to get up to date info ;)