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Bob Books: There's an App for That

In the interest of full disclosure, Bob Books gave me this app for free to try. I would spend two dollars on it, though :)

Great news! Bob Books is an app! So fun. I know some of you live in places with difficulty getting things like Bob Books shipped to you. Some of you just like apps. Enter the wonder of the Internet.

You can have Bob Books in your pocket! I love educational games. My kids love the iTouch, and while I try to not rely on things like this heavily, it has saved each of my children some sanity at one point or another--and thus my husband and me :) This is why I love it is educational--so I have something of value to turn to.

You have the story as pictured above. When you touch  a key character, you get taken to a screen like this:

You then move the letters to spell the word.

Once you have completed the word, the picture colors in, and when you have completed the page, the whole picture colors in:

This is definitely two dollars well spent. 

If you aren't sold, you can always try the free version before deciding if you will love it, too. I am sure you will.


Kristy Powers said...

This would be great if I had any sort of touchscreen electronics! I'm going to do a little search to see if there's anything online. My son would really be into this at his age (4.75 years).

Melissa said...

looks great, too bad its not available for the droid. I'd love to have your readers recommend other good apps that they like (and that preferably are also on the droid!! :)