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5 Stages of Solid Foods

On Becoming Babywise book two (affiliate link) has a great guide to the five food stages for babies on page 25. I think you will find this very interesting and will help answer a lot of questions I see moms have. Do note, as the book points out, these are not absolute rules for feeding. I know some of my kid did some things differently, but in general, this is quite accurate for most kids.

Stage One: 4-6 months old (if you decide to feed before 6 months)
This is a single grain cereal stage and only single ingredient baby foods. Even if you start solids right at four months and take introducing things on a faster track by doing veggies first followed by fruits, you won't have introduced all of the basic foods before 6 months anyway.

Stage Two: 6-7 months old
Single ingredient foods. You can mix single ingredients that your baby has been introduced to. For example, if your baby has been introduced to cereal and prunes, you can mix them together for pruney cereal (yum!).

Stage Three: 8-12 months old
Foods become more textured, meaning the foods are not so watered down. Children also eat more at one sitting in this age group than previously.

Stage Four: 12-15 months old
Your now pre-toddler will be eating meals with the family and will also have some baby food added to the meal.

Stage Five: 15 months and up
Your pre-toddler now eats with the family and needs no additional supplementation. 

This is a great list for reference. Many times, parents wonder when to start feeding baby what the family is eating and when to stop feeding baby food. This is a great guide. Don't think you can't ever give a 16 month old baby food--again, don't take this list legalistic. Take it as a good guide, then follow baby's lead from there.

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Noob Mommy said...

Love your blog Babywise Mom! I always find it's a common question as to how much to feed as well. Here's a Baby Feeding Guide if your readers are curious about that.

Steph said...

Wow, this is so helpful! I've always wondered about when to start and what to try first. Thanks for the tips :)

Plowmanators said...

Thanks to you both and you are welcome!

MusicalAmie said...
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MusicalAmie said...

I am wondering about starting solids for my 4 month old. We plan to take a trip to Japan for 3 weeks right as he is turning 6 months old. I don't plan to take a whole bunch of baby food, but just to continue nursing. Is it more important to introduce foods early so he gets okay with the idea and flavors, or to wait until we can consistently feed them to him, even though he'll be nearly 7 months? Thanks!

John N. Crain said...

Pediatricians recommend introducing solid foods to babies any time between 4 and 6 months if your baby is ready. Before that, breast-feeding or formula feeding your baby provides all the nutrition that your baby needs. Nutrient Value of Foods