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Blog Info 3/2011

I just noticed my post didn't publish today. Random publishing issue (I used to have those daily, but don't anymore...I think today was a fluke).

I thought I would update you on a couple of things,

First, today is your last day to enter the current giveaway. Tomorrow we will have another great giveaway for you.

Second, if you have left a comment, I am getting to it, I promise! My Internet has reverted back to dial-up speed...but even worse. It is like dial-up from a rotary phone. So all things Internet have been painful for me. 

Third, I will be taking a "spring break" the first full week of April. Hopefully the week off of writing posts can help me get back on track with comments. 

That is all. Have a great weekend!

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Kristy Powers said...

Thank you for your regular, daily work for the benefit of your readers!