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Time Change Reminder

Hey everyone! I just had to remind you while I was remembering that the time change is coming up soon for many of us. Check out these posts for help. I typically start changing schedules about a month before with a baby or young toddler.


Kelly Ford said...

Aghhhh. I hate this time change. For so many reasons. But especially this year b/c we have a 4 month old who is also going through the 4 month sleep problems :-(

Speaking of... i've reviewed most of your posts on 4 month sleep issues and i wonder 2 things. 1. were you aware of the wonder weeks when you wrote those posts? and 2. my dr says that 4 months is when babies learn cause and effect in regards to their cries and that they can start testing the idea that if they cry, you'll come running. I'm wondering if BOTH of those things may have a lot to do w/ the 4 month sleep issues.

I know you've felt it was a calorie issue w/ your kids but both of my kids have had these issues around 18 weeks or so and they are bottle fed and on cereal at 4 months, so i cant imagine that being the culprit.

Just some thoughts... :-)

Katie {My Paisley Apron} said...

We're going on vacation this year just before the time change, over 2 time zones, for three nights. My hope is that they're both so messed up, we just come home and jump straight into the new times. I'll let you know if you should add that to your list of strategies after we try it out! :)

Plowmanators said...


No, I didn't know about wonder weeks when I wrote the early 4 month sleep problems posts. I don't think I knew about it until right around the time McKenna was born--sometime around that. Interesting thoughts :)

Plowmanators said...

lol Katie! Seriously, though, when my husband and I went to DC a few years ago, we went back two time zones. We flew an all nighter and I was so thrown off that I went right on the new time zone with no problem. It just might work :)