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How I Do It: My Schedule

A reader asked that I share my daily schedule in this series.

Right now, my daily schedule can vary quite from day to day due to school, preschool, dance, and piano lessons. Here is a common day.

First, I will direct you to these two posts that give an over-arching insight to how I get stuff done:
These times are approximate.

6:00 AM: Wake up and exercise
6:40-7:00 AM: Scripture Study
7:30 AM: Shower/get ready
8:00 AM: Get kids ready for the day. Clean up breakfast. We then do our learning poster part of learning time and sometimes the learning activity also.
10:00 AM: Daily chore. This is usually sprinkled in with the two hours before this in getting kids ready for the day, also.
10:30 AM: Chores/blogging/crafts/etc.
12:00 PM: Lunch. Then clean up lunch. 
1:00 PM: Learning activity if it hasn't been done yet. If so, random chores or play with girls.
1:30 PM: Put girls in nap and rest time. Then time for hobbies or cleaning. Or theoretically relaxing :) I also do SSR with Kaitlyn in this block and homework with Brayden. 
4-4:30 PM: Start dinner (unless we are doing something that had to be started earlier).
5:30 PM: Dinner time. Clean up dinner and chores, then family time.
7-7:30 PM: Start getting kids ready for bed.
8-8:30 PM: Kids in bed. Then "chillax" with my husband.

For further details, see: 
Let me know if you have any questions! And share your own basic schedules of how you do it. 

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Rochelle said...

Thanks! I was just wondering about your basic schedule again. :) Is the 10:30 block when your at home children are in RT?

We've been going back and forth a little between RT first or learning time first. I think I like RT first, if I can get us moving fast enough.

Our "goal" schedule that we aim for is this: (though I feel like there are always variations on this!)

6:45 up, shower, dress
7:15 make breakfast
7:30 eat with daddy
7:45 prayers and bye to daddy
8:00 finish up breakfast, get ready for the day
8:30 independent play
9:30 circle time (we do scriptures, bible verses, reading, letters/numbers, singing)on the couch, then activities in the room or at the table (sometimes the two parts are broken by RT in the middle
10:45/11 free play (inside or out)
12 lunch
12:45 tuck in 22 month old
1-1:30 is extra table activities (puzzles, etc.) with 3.75 year old
1:30 tuck in 3.75 year old
4 up from naps/snack
4-6 is lots of free play, blanket time, sometimes table time if we were out in the AM, occasionally a video and also quiet reading time. the order varies some.
6 tidy before daddy gets home, finish dinner prep.
6:30 dinner
7:15 bedtime routine
8 lights out

My challenge with this schedule is getting in my chores and getting up on time so that I can get my shower before the kids get up; I hate spending RT getting ready (like today :). I also have trouble always getting in my personal devotions. Need to get on the ball before I add a 3rd child!!

Kristy Powers said...

Thanks, Valerie! Ours is pretty similar, I think, only with two children rather than three. I was wondering when you do errands. What type of activity gets cut when you need to do errands, if any?

Plowmanators said...

Rochelle, yes, that 10:30 is RT.

Thanks for sharing your schedule! I am sure you will be great with three kiddos :)

Plowmanators said...


Right now, we run errands in the morning hours so independent play gets cut, which I do not like. I am fine with it one day a week, but we are often 2-3 and I don't love that situation. When I had babies, I ran errands in the evening and so only baby's short evening nap would be compromised, but now I hate to spend our evenings doing errands rather than family time. So it is what it is and we work with it. I think it would be better for McKenna to miss only 1-2 independent playtimes a week instead of several. Our church is moving times next week, though, so that will make it so Sunday she can get it in. That will be good. I just thought of that.

Kristy Powers said...

Thanks, Valerie. I know what you mean about missing IP several times a week. It seems to go more smoothly at our house the more regular it is. Glad to hear you'll get at least one more time in when the church times change.