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Pinteresting Fridays: Organization

Today let's focus on some fun ideas to get you more organized.

by Kaye Winiecki

I try to refrain from commenting on these, but this one needs to be commented on. Something like this is fabulous. You can consolidate your child's artwork, and as your child grows, you will be floored by the massive amounts of artwork that show up in your house. I have a friend that puts the actual work in a scrapbook--just glues it right in there. That would work great,  too, and then you get the original. There are lots of ways  to do this--just do it. You will thank yourself.

by The V Spot

compiled by design finch

by Operation Organization

by IHeartOrganizing

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Sarah said...

I think the link to the planning printable is not's taking me to The V Spot.

Heidi of Operation Organization said...

Thanks for mentioning my 7 Habits Article! :) I look forward to perusing the other links you highlighted as well.


Plowmanators said...

Thank you Sarah! I got that fixed.

Plowmanators said...

So glad you stopped by Heidi!