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Babywise Nap App

Exciting news! The Ezzos have released a Babywise Nap App available through the App Store for iPhones 3 and 4:

About The Babywise Nap App:

Your baby has always been a good sleeper, especially at naptime, but is suddenly waking 30 to 45 minutes into his nap with a forceful cry. The cry is not the problem but it does signal a problem that must be solved.

The Babywise Nap App is an analysis tool that can help any parent isolate the underlying cause of nap disruptions and sleep disturbances for infants between 2 to 12 months of age. By working through five basic question, the App will help reduce the hundreds of nap disturbance variables to the most likely cause for
a baby’s sleep disturbance and create a list of the most appropriate solutions based on the data provided. The App is intuitive! The application can distinguish between the naps of a three month old and a six month old, a breast fed baby and a formula fed baby; and babies already taking solid foods. Watch the Babywise Nap App


(App will be available for Android devices in May 2012)


Sarah said...

Oh wow, this is just so cool!

Amanda said...

Cool! When will it be out for Android?

Plowmanators said...

May 2012 Amanda

amarige said...

yay for May!

Caroline said...

Oh cool!!!