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Pinteresting Fridays: Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Surprising Cleaning New Uses


by One Good Thing by Jillee

by Macheesmo

by eHow

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Sarah Sloop said...

Can I just say thank you for sharing your Pinterest finds? I am not on Pinterest, and don't plan on being, as I know I personally will NEVER get anything done. I'm only anti-Pinterest for myself :) So thanks for sharing!

(Also, THANK you for everything else. Baby 2 is 6 weeks old, and I'm reading your nap solutions sooner this time around, and we have had a stellar routine of naps for about 4 days- I'm finally logging wake time... AND our 3lbs. hunk of love is sleeping till 7am! So great. So... thanks for being here and putting a "face" on Babywise and understanding our little ones:))

Samuel.Ricafort said...

I'll be sure to keep these mom tips in mind at all times, thank you very much.
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