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Pinteresting Fridays: Birthday/Birthday Parties

Party Ideas
by Karas's Party Ideas

by Mom*tog

by Crafty Moods

by Reaves, Party of Four

by Calgary's Child

For more party and birthday ideas, see my board: Birthdays and Parties


liz22 said...

I love these ideas! Ahh giving me ideas for next year already. I could go crazy with this :) With the one where they put all the balloons in the child's bedroom to surprise him in the morning-- I can't figure out how to do this with a true babywise child. My kids will not fall asleep anywhere but their bed (or a pnp if we're traveling... but you know what I mean). They would definitely hear me doing this if I snuck in after they were sleeping. Guess I could do it in another room, but that's not as much fun! Thanks for sharing!

Plowmanators said...

If you had the balloons all ready to go, I bet you could go in around 11 pm and put them in quietly unnoticed. I know I could with my kids. But if you couldn't do it, I am sure balloons somewhere else would be lots of fun. My kids just love balloons. There are lots of fun ideas out there for sure!