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Blog Summer Schedule

Things have been "exciting" around here. McKenna got Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease and she and I found ourselves locked in the house for a week. I spent my week trying to keep McKenna still and not touching stuff as much as possible (which required a lot of TV) and sanitizing everything. And my hands got raw and cracked from washing them.

Just as that week ended, Kaitlyn started to show signs. And a couple of days later, Brayden. So at least I am not longer trying to keep the kids apart. 

That has nothing to do with the summer schedule, just a little FYI as to what is going on here. I have been pretty busy with the sickies--so being pregnant and doing that is wearing, and therefore I have been pretty absent around here. You know, the kids come first (wouldn't it be funny--AKA hypocritical, wrong, whatever-- if I wrote a parenting blog but put the kids after the parenting blog?).

On to the summer schedule!

Giveaways will be sporadic but will only be on Fridays. I will not do Saturday posting through the summer.

July is always a fun month. 

The first week is "summer break" for me, so no posts July 2-6. Throughout the rest of July, we will have our networked blogs week, Babywise success stories week, and reader week. 

August will continue on as normal summer schedule. I will have my baby sometime in August!

Now you are in the know!


Kristin said...

If you have not taken the time to get a pedicure yet, go woman! :) You mentioned a while back you were going to try it to get a little "me" (you) time. Go now!

Plowmanators said...

Oh my goodness! You are so right! I totally forgot about that. I will put that on my to do list so I remember to do it :)

Gabrielle said...

My kids had HFM a few months ago, so I feel your pain! I was so relieved when my 3 year old exhibited the first symptoms within a day or two of my son, because the last thing I wanted was for him to get completely over it and THEN the 3 year old get it. It's a mess, isn't it? I wrote a post on it if anyone's interested.

I'm due August 1 with baby #3! I think there's less to do to prepare for a baby the more you have. My to do list is incredibly short this time around!

Koala Mama said...

Is it dangerous to get it when you're pregnant? Actually, do adults ever get it? I've only heard of daycare epidemics, at least in North America..

sm0s said...

Ahh you busy mama!! I hope your babies get better soon! <3

Alex said...

My now 2-year-old had HFM while I was pregnant. Our ped said the virus(es) that typically cause HFM are viruses we've had and built up immunity to by adulthood, so no big deal.

Alex said...

Oops, not done yet. I meant to add that doesn't make it any more fun to have it at your house! Hope everyone's better soon.

Plowmanators said...

Koala Mama, adults can get it. Most do not because it is one of those things you supposedly only get once in life, so most of us had it as children (but it is like chicken pox where some can get it more than once). Adults can carry it without knowing they have it, though. You have no signs. I think typically, the older you are, the less severely it affects you, and that has been true of my kids.

HFM is something to be careful of if you are in your first trimester. At my point in pregnancy it isn't a concern. I am just glad it happened soon enough we can have it out of here before the baby comes.

Plowmanators said...

Gabrielle, yes! The to-do list gets much shorter. Especially since I am on my third girl!