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Blessings for Military Family

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When I was pregnant with my first child, I found myself wondering how I was supposed to know when to feed him after he was born.  Weird, I know, but I really wondered how to figure all that out.  I can't remember how I heard about Babywise, but I'm so glad I did.
I LOVED the predictability of Babywise.  I very rarely had to wonder what was wrong with my baby.  I could, in most cases, look at the clock and know exactly what the problem was.  Knowing what baby's needs were and when they would occur made planning errands a breeze.  No wondering whether I should pack a bottle/nursing cover, etc., knowing whether he would be cranky for a nap before we got back, etc.  My husband really appreciated the predictability as well.  He's really not a fan of surprises, and he liked not having many.  :o)
As baby grew, I continued following BW principles, but I never went on to read Book 2 or ToddlerWise until I was having trouble managing time, schedule, etc., after baby #2 joined us.  Since then, I've implemented roomtime with my toddler and tightened up Baby #2's schedule and routines.
The fact that we are a Navy family makes the routine and discipline of the Babywise lifestyle that much more crucial and appreciated.  We've moved 6 times since #1 was born (he's only 27 months old now), and though the schedule always gets a little wobbly with the upheaval of a move, he quickly snaps back into it once things calm down.  Also, there are long stretches of time when my husband is not around to give a hand with the children, and our families are far away, so it is absolutely vital to mine and the children's well-being to have predictable routines in place.  Babywise has probably saved my sanity in that regard.  I can't imagine going through our days helter-skelter, especially with no husband around to help.
Babywise has been a serious blessing to our family!


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