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I won't be blogging...


For spring break! HA! April Fool's! 

It is that time again! Spring break! I will be taking a blogging break this week as I enjoy spring break with my family. Hopfeully you have signs of spring where you are! I know some of you are super hot, some still have snow, and some are gearing up for winter...whatever it is, I hope you can enjoy it :)


Jenna said...

I have a quick question. My 2.5 year old nap time is 1:30. When would you recommend me having in in bed by and what time should I be walking out of the room?

Valerie Plowman said...

Jenna, I am assuming you mean bed for nighttime? Taht would depend on how long the nap is. Most children seem to have bedtime best in the 7 PM hour--so I would say anywhere from 7-8--but exact time would depend on how long the nap is, what time he gets up in the morning, and what his individual sleep needs are.

Another good way to gauge is to have him in bed 12 hours before he gets up. But not all kids need 12 hours at night.