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Poll Discussion: Rolling in Crib

Through this poll, I want to be able to give parents an idea of what they are in for when baby starts to roll in the crib.

1. When baby started to roll in the crib, were there sleep disruptions?
2. If yes, how long was it from start of disruptions to back to normal sleep?
3. Did you do anything to help with the disruption to sleep? If so, what?
4. Any words of advice/wisdom?


Sara Khel said...

1. Yes
2. About 2-3 days
3. He would roll to his tummy and couldn't roll back and would cry. We went him and flipped him and he would fall right back to sleep.
4. We flipped him back to his tummy 1 or 2 times a night for a couple days, but finally one night I woke up and checked the monitor and he was snoozing on his belly with no issues :) Guess he decided he liked sleeping that way after all! Give it time and any disruptions will pass!

Laura said...

Zoe just started rolling yesterday so this couldn't have come at a better time. I'm excited to see all of the comments to know there is a light at the end of this tunnel! She's now getting her little legs stuck in the crib slats which has created a huge issue. We need to invest in a video monitor....

Ransom and Brooke Young said...

1. Yes
2. 5 days (but only for naps and early morning. No middle of the night disruptions)
3. At first we would go get him and rock him and then try to put him back down. Sometimes this work work, but usually he would roll back onto his tummy and scream again. Naps were a disaster. Finally, I began helping him practice rolling back onto his back in his crib during wake time and giving him more practice on the ground during playtime and he has stopped practicing in his crib!
4. Give baby lots of hands-on practice during playtime!

Tcushu said...

1. Yes
2. 3 Days
3. CIO... We were going in to roll him back over, but when we put him down one night, he rolled over about 3-4 times in the first thirty minutes. I decided we were not going to be doing that all night :)
So we watched very closely on the monitor. It took him about 30 min to CIO and finally fall asleep on his tummy. He woke many times during that first night. It got less the next two days. After 3 days he loved sleeping on his tummy and hasn't been a problem since.
3. A lot of practice rolling. We would practice rolling from one side of the crib to the other. I would hold a stuffed animal just out of sight to encouage him.

Janice Schmidt said...

1. No disruptions.
2. N/A
3. N/A
4. I started teaching her to sleep on her stomach before she could roll so once she could roll she usually rolled onto her stomach because she wanted to be there. My advice is to let them choose their position. I never rolled her back over when she rolled.

Janice Schmidt said...

4. Also recommend a mesh bumper guard to keep arms and legs safely in the crib!

Amber said...

1. Yes, but only during naps and usually when her leg got stuck out of the crib.
2. When I got mesh bumpers (about 1 week).
3. See #2
4. Not really, my dd is a pretty hard sleeper.

D & H said...

1. yes
2. It was better within 3-4 days but took a week or two to completely recover (but we were also recovering from a trip out of state at the same time)
3. no/CIO since he would just roll back if I rolled him over

Rachel Norman said...

1. Only slight disruption for the babies, I found them both asleep on their belllies at various times. It didn't seem to wake them up or bother them immensely aside from the first few times. My sleepy baby could just be rolled back over and then he went back.

2. For both of mine I took this as a time to take their arms out of the swaddle (4-5 months ish) so I did that just so they'd be able to move around if they wanted.

3. Wisdom I'd say to let their arms out if they're still swaddled and that'll give them the chance to learn to turn around. Both of mine just started sleeping on their bellies half the time around this age too so it sorted itself out.

Jessie said...

1. No
2. n/a
3. n/a
4. I think keeping her in a sleep sack for several months helped this not be a problem. Like other moms have mentioned, when she was old enough to move around, I purchased a mesh bumper so her legs wouldn't get stuck.

Sarah WhitehouseNews said...

1 yes
2 about two Weeks on and off. The amount of times washing decreased after about 4 days. At that point she started being ok with some tummy sleeping
3 we roll her back to her back if she cries. At maximum I had to do it 3 times one night.
4 I think they start to be ok with tummy sleeping after a bit. She was already sleeping un swaddled. It is not unusual for her to need her paci once or twice a night anyway. Once we give the paci and roll her if needed, she goes right back to sleep.

dhamilton said...

2. Her naps were disrupted for a couple days but not night time.
3. I just let her practice alot during waketime. Once it wasnt a "new thing" anymore, she stopped practicing at nap time. (And we did get the mesh bumpers to keep her from sticking her legs out of the crib.)
4. Words of wisdom- Just "roll" with it. LOL, ok I know it was cheesy but I couldn't resist. :)

Kristen said...

1. No
2. N/A
3. N/A
4. Mesh bumper. My kids both slept even better once they were able to roll onto their tummies. They love it!

melkaywin said...

Our experience is somewhat unique because our daughter has been a tummy sleeper from the beginning (due to intense reflux early on).

At four months she learned how to roll from back to stomach, but since she was already on her stomach when I'd lay her in her crib, there was no disruption from this.

About a week later, she figured out how to roll from tummy to back, which did cause significant disruptions for about three nights. She ONLY rolls from her stomach to back at nighttime (in fact, I've STILL never actually seen her do it!), and each time would fuss until we'd come flip her back over because she has no idea how to fall asleep on her back. (Back time is playtime for her!) There was one night when I think I got up about six times to flip her back over onto her tummy, and that was by far the worst night. (Thankfully, she knows how to put herself to sleep, so I'd just flip her back onto her tummy and she'd fall back asleep.) After a few days, she got bored with her new skill and stopped rolling around in her crib.

The only thing we did to help was to spend lots of playtime practicing rolling over so she would master the skills quickly and move on to other things.

Hunter C said...

Baby 1-
1) yes
2) 5 nights
3) at first we would flip her back over but she would do it 10 times in a row so we realized she had to just figure it out. She cried for a bit but eventually just fell back asleep on her belly.
4) just be patient. They will stop soon enough, or her used to sleeping in a different position.

Baby 2-
1) none at all
3) kept him swaddled even though he was rolling

Anonymous said...

1. Yes, but not severe. It took her a little bit longer to go to sleep.
2. Under a week.
3. No, I let her work it out.
4. Once our daughter got the hang of it, she actually started sleeping *better* than before. She can choose how she wants to sleep!

Erin said...

1. Yes
2. A day
3. Yes, after the first night of rolling and us taking turns rolling her back over and holding her till she fell asleep, I made a "bumper" out of stretchy knit and a pool noodle to slip on her while she sleeps. She has a "bumper" on each side!
4. My situation is a little different. This 3rd baby is a tummy sleeper. Has been since about 2 months because of bad gas issues. At 2.5 months she decided to start rolling to her back. That's really early, and since she was in no way ready to sleep on her back without a swaddle we had to do something to keep her on her tummy while sleeping. Otherwise, if she had been less "jerky" with her arms, I would have let her figure it out on her own. My hubby came up with the idea of making something for her to wear while sleeping, so I did. I just sewed a little "sleeve" with legs to just slip her legs through with a section of a pool noodle sewn into each side. Works like a charm! Now we are working on her rolling from her back to her tummy during her wake time so that this won't be an issue before too much longer.

Xio said...

1. Yes
2. About 4 weeks
3. Would go in and roll him back. Worked with him during waketimes to learn to roll back (from back to tummy. He's a tummy sleeper).
4. Work on the skill during waketimes, and remember that it'll pass and baby WILL go back to sleeping, and so will you!d

Unknown said...

1. Yes
2. He had been sleeping through the night for 2-3 months (7pm-7am) before this. He started rolling at about 5.5 months old. For about 2 months afterward, he would wake up 1-3 times a night (the wakeups were only due to the rolling for about 2-3 weeks...after this he learned to sleep on his tummy, which he prefers now). At 9.5 months old, he started sleeping through the night again (7pm-7am).
3. When he was waking up due to rolling, I would roll him over and try to get him back to sleep. He would get really worked up and usually didn't quiet down until he had a bottle though. The wakings gradually decreased until he started sleeping through the night again.
4. When he was younger, I'd wait a little while to see if he quiet down before I went in to check on him. I think that's one reason he slept through the night earlier. However, once he started waking up again at night, I got out of the habit and would go in right away. I finally got back into the habit of waiting a little while before I'd go in, and after a few days, he started sleeping through the night again.
4. I forgot the things I'd done earlier to help him sleep well. When I remembered them and started doing those things again, he started sleeping longer.

Valerie Plowman said...

Thank you for your comments!