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Summer Swimming Goals

Summer is coming up! As I mentioned earlier, I am participating in a program hosted by Swimways has products that are designed to help you teach your child to swim. They like to start with floatation devices so your child can feel comfortable in the water (which is a controversial method--see this article for more on it). Swimways asked that I share our swimming goals for this summer.

Brayden and Kaitlyn are well past the swimming ability that would make Swimways products useful in their learning, so they are not part of the program. A little background--we do private swimming lessons twice a month with our three older children. Which is awesome, by the way. If you are doing public swimming lessons, you should really price out private. We spend somewhere around .50 TOTAL more per lesson with private than public.

McKenna has recently decided she is scared of being required to swim certain distances. It all happened when she got some high quality goggles that didn't steam up when she was wearing them. Her teacher and I hypothesize that she didn't realize how deep things were and it scared her. She is genuinely terrified, and we are working on simply getting her willing to accept lessons again. She isn't scared of the water or even swimming in the water. She can swim "McKenna style" in the pool. It isn't pretty, but it works. But she shakes like a leaf if you try to get her to do a streamline. So our goal is comfort with real swimming. They sent these for McKenna:

I have to be honest and say I worry that if I put these on her, it will take us backward in the swimming process. I guess I have heard from too many people who are in the "no floatation devices" camp. I don't think I would worry so much for a two year old, but a four year old, yes. Time will tell!

Brinley has yet to be in a pool. We are saving that for when warm weather brings with it warm pools. All of the indoor pools around here are exercise/swim team pools, so they are way to frigid for a baby. They sent me this for Brinley:

I think this will be great for letting her get used to the water. This one doesn't concern me at all--especially not for a baby.

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