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BFBN Week: Finding a Babywise-friendly Sitter {Guest Spotlight}

It’s Babywise Friendly Blogs Network Week again! All week, we’ll be featuring blog posts from other Babywise-friendly blogs. The schedule is as follows:

Today's post is from Bethany over at Bethany goes through her advice on finding a babysitter for your children. She is full of good ideas and helpful tips! She focuses on how to find a babysitter you are comfortable with so you will be willing to go out on those all-important date nights with your spouse. Bethany says,
It doesn't matter if you follow a certain parenting method or work/stay at home, time to yourself is vital. It is vital for a healthy marriage and a healthy family. Your children need to see that you place priority on taking care of yourself. They need to see that you do not revolve around them (are you seeing a common theme this week ?!). 
I posted yesterday on making it work with family as babysitters and Bethany's post gives ideas for how to find the best babysitter you can and how to make them an even better fit with your family. Go on over and check it out!

How did you find your babysitter?


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