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Reader Favorites Day 2013

I love reader favorites posts. I love to see what you have found that you just love. Some of our favorite toys were recommended by you readers. And my diaper bag was recommended by readers and I think I will actually miss it when it is time to retire it (you are curious aren't you--it is this Skip Hop Studio Diaper Bag Tote Bag, Pewter Dot).

Below are the reader favorites posts for you to visit today. Follow the link and comment on the post with your favorites in that category. I will add your comments to the body of the post. There are two new categories this year--the children's toys 8 and older and the chapter books. If the aren't linked yet, just go to the home page of the blog and scroll down under this post. I will link them as soon as I can today. Is there a category you would love to see? Go ahead and comment letting me know what category you would like to see included. 


Ileah said...

Thank you for your blog! I'm almost in tears as I write this, because I'm so grateful to have found it. After a long and frustrating day at church I came home and was feeling yet again like "what is the point?" Then read your post about weekly disruptions/church and I feel much better. I loved what you said about rather having a baby who's more difficult at church but great the rest of the week. I love all the babywise, childwise books, and this website is like a goldmine for me! Thanks so much!

Valerie Plowman said...

You are so welcome! Thanks for taking the time to say thanks :)