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5 Freeze Dried Foods To Use On Camping Trips {Guest Post}

A family campout is a fun time to be together without the distractions of work, school, electronics and housework. However, moms and dads are still responsible for purchasing, preparing, serving and cleaning up three healthy and nutritious meals every day.

For those parents seeking a delicious and convenient alternatives to hot dogs and tin foil dinners, consider freeze dried foods on camping trips. Compare these 5 freeze dried meals with their traditional counterparts:

Spaghetti and Meatballs
Traditional version: You’d need to make space for in pasta, a jar of marinara sauce, pre-made meatballs and a pot in your camp supplied in order to prepare this family favorite. Don’t forget about keeping the meatballs cold without refrigeration.

Freeze dried version: Since a single freeze dried meal comes in its own pouch, all you need to do is boil water, pour in the correct amount and seal it. Wait for the meal to hydrate, based on the recommended time. Open the pouch and eat right away. When everyone is done, just toss the pouches in the garbage.

Chicken Teriyaki
Traditional version: This Asian-style meal requires chicken, teriyaki sauce, fresh vegetables and instant rice, plus the pot. Even if you brought in pre-cooked chicken, refrigeration is still an issue, not to mention all that chopping and dicing that would require a knife and cutting board.

Freeze dried version: Treat yourself to a tasty blend of sweet teriyaki chicken and rice with vegetables. Simply add water, seal, wait and serve. You’ll get a gourmet-style meal for one with no more effort than making a pot of coffee. As with other freeze dried pouch meals, cleanup is done when you throw the pouch away.

Rotini with Beef
Traditional version: Your shopping list must include ground beef, sour cream, green pepper, mushrooms, shredded cheese, tomato sauce, canned tomatoes, and rotini pasta if you’re going to make this hearty classic in your camp kitchen. Without refrigeration, this meal would be tough and the additional prep time is discouraging for any camp chef.

Freeze dried version: Imagine a steaming hot pouch of rotini in zesty tomato sauce with chunks of beef—it’s enough to make your mouth water just thinking about it. You’ll gain all the benefits of this Italian-style dinner without the prep and cleanup. You can have it at your family campout when you choose the freeze dried version over the traditional style.

Turkey Tetrazzini
Traditional version: This creamy pasta dish generally includes a cream sauce, mushrooms, and diced chicken or turkey. All the troubles of refrigeration and preparation would be present if you wanted to make this for your family while camping.

Freeze dried version: Rather than take up tons of room in your already full coolers, a freeze dried pouch of turkey tetrazzini is compact, portable and lightweight. Just add boiling water, seal, sit and serve and you’ll be rewarded with this delicious noodle casserole dish.

Berry Cobbler
Traditional version: Whatever berries you decided to include in a berry cobbler, such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries or boysenberries, you’d need a way to keep all those fruits fresh and flavorful until you were ready for them. Add in the topping ingredients and you’ve got a sizeable pile to carry just for a simple dessert.

Freeze dried version: Hot, tangy and delicious, a freeze dried berry cobbler will compliment all the s’mores you’ve been eating. Most versions of this hot dessert even include a cracker or cookie crumble topping to make it extra tasty.

Many parents are discovering freeze dried foods that make full meals that can be used on camping trips. These hearty, freeze dried meals are guaranteed to satisfy everyone’s appetites and make cleanup so easy that you’ll have extra time to sit around and enjoy yourself.

Dirk Puckett enjoys writing about his camping and outdoor adventures with his family.  He’s also a big fan of integrating freeze dried food from Daily Bread Food Storage into family food storage and emergency preparedness plans.

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