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Time Change Warning--Fall Back 2013

Places that do DST (colored in)
Time change is upon us again! This is the one you used to love before you had kids and now you hate (for those of us on the North side of the world). Well, at least that is how you feel if you are like me. Perhaps I should not project my emotions on you. Though simply through my title of this post, I am doing so. I call it "warning." Not "announcement," not "notification," and not "reminder"--no, this is my warning.

Here is what I hate (besides the obvious that I am supposed to convince a baby or really any child younger than 5 to sleep in an hour later than usual)--I am ready to change Brinley's schedule. I want to get her up an hour early. Good news is, I don't need to prep her for time change. Bad news is I have to wait a month to make the change that I see is needed now. So annoying. 

My plan--my time change for this Fall should be pretty simple. What is now 7 AM will become 6 AM. What is now 7 PM will now be 6 PM.

For Brayden and Kaitlyn (8 and 6) I don't see any issues. Because of school, we can't do my favorite way of slowly shifting the schedule. I think it takes a few weeks for the body to adjust to the new time (something I noticed before I had kids), but we can't shift things. We will just change their schedule when it comes. The later bedtime will be hard to make it to--we will likely still slowly move bedtime so they aren't overly tired.So if they are usually in bed by 8:30, they will feel like it is 9:30. We will probably split the difference and do 8:00 PM for a week. And maybe we will love it so much we will keep it there ;).

For McKenna (4), we will definitely need to do a slow bedtime movement. she will need more like a 15 minute per week change. She can't handle being up late. Morning wake up time we will leave the same. She loves to sleep in so she will just happily keep sleeping in the morning until I get her up.

Brinley (1) will be easy even though a one year old normally is not simple. Since I want her to be up an hour earlier, I will just leave things the same to her. She is getting up about 8:45 right now. I will get her up at 8 at the time change, which will feel like 9 to her. So she will move to our schedule but it will be a simple transition. Thank you dear time change! (that is me trying to look on the bright side).

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Mara Kreiling said...

I have 8 month old twins, they will be almost 9 months when time change hits. Currently they go to bed at 7pm and wake up "around" 7. This is ideal because of work schedules. Just so I'm clear, I should start pushing their bedtime back by 15 min each week, i.e. this week they will go to bed at 7:15, next week 7:30, etc? Thanks in advance and thanks for this blog! I have gotten some really good tips and advice from it!

Valerie Plowman said...

Yes. But only if you can let them sleep in the extra 15 minutes in the morning, too. If not, wait until the weekend and do 30 minutes Saturday, the next 30 Sunday, and then expect a couple of weeks of weirdness while they adjust.

melkaywin said...

I've been already thinking about this, because I knew this DST was going to be a particularly tricky one for me. We will be visiting family in Kansas for three weeks in November. This means that my 11-month-old and I will be moving from the Eastern Time Zone to the Central Time Zone. So basically I have to convince her to wake up TWO hours later than she normally does, or else during our visit she's going to be waking at 4:30-5:00 a.m. Central time (instead of her normal 6:30-7:00 EST!). Yuck! This being the case, I've already started her transition, even though DST isn't for a few more weeks. Here's the good news: I've already succeeding in getting her to wake up an hour later than usual! I took advantage of the sleep disruption she had at our church service (having to take her nap during the 3:00-5:00 service instead of at her normal 1:30 time). Since her nap ran so late, I let her stay up partying with some other toddlers until 8:00 that night instead of putting her down at 7:00. The next morning, she slept in until 7:45 instead of her normal 6:45! I decided to take advantage of this unplanned gift, and so I just moved her naps back 45 minutes throughout the day and did a 7:45 bedtime that night. She slept until 7:50 this morning! I have been dreading fall DST because I wasn't convinced I could break her internal clock, but I'm encouraged by the results so far!

Mara Kreiling said...

Yes, we really can't let them sleep an extra 15 minutes most days during the week, so we will try doing it on the weekends. Thanks!

Michael and Yvonne said...

yes i hate these time changes! LIke you my oldest 2 are in school so not much that can be done in advance aside from keeping them up a few min later Friday possible (although my 5 yr old is wiped out from school so probably not her) and shift a bit on Saturday but otherwise cold-turkey. I am debating about DD3. She will just be turning 2 around then as is a touchy baby. in an ideal world i'd phase her in slowly but with 3 kids to balance i'm not sure what i'm doing yet!

Michael and Yvonne said...

oh and i should say i had one time in my life where this fall was an easy transition...we moved crosscountry in a 1 hr different timezone on novebmer 1st so i just kept everything the same for a couple of days til the swtich and it was perfect! of course that won't ever happen again, lol.

Valerie Plowman said...

Glad it is smooth for you so far melkaywin!

Valerie Plowman said...

Ha Yvonne! You hope it won't happen again ;)

I would do a slower transition for your touchy one if possible. They have a much harder time with change.

LIZ said...

HELP! We just dropped the dream feed last night (baby is 14 weeks old tomorrow) and with the time change on Sunday we are nervous that he will wake up early and be off. Our schedule thus far is:

7AM- wake/eat
10AM- eat
1PM- eat
4PM- eat
7PM- eat, down for the night

What can we do to make our sleeper stick?